Monday, June 6, 2011

Super High

Hey ya! We have just arrived home in Abu Dhabi from our vacation.
Phew, it's been almost 2 weeks.
Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly and excellent!
We were also lucky indeed because the weather was really great.
Europe is very beautiful and breathtaking during summer.
Many thanks to hubby for this wonderful journey. He picked the place, he paid for the trips and I just added London at the end because of my shopping madness.
The kids also behaving well and it's been such a joy to have them around during the hols.

Well, here is the continuation of the story of Day 2 to Mount Titlis (bukan mount tits ok =P)
From Luzern, we went to Engelberg to go to the gondola station.
Since the weather was so nice, we could see some people preparing for river rafting and paragliding.
I wish I could do paragliding one day!

Then to go to the top of Mount Titlis,
We needed to ride a gondola
Bukan gondola macam kat Venice tu
This is the what they call the gondola
I was scared at first to ride the gondola

But after a while when I had overcome my fear, rasa seronok! 
Seronok because we saw some breathtaking views. 
If you were wondering whether time tu ada tak terfikir pasal kalau cable terputus ke apa
of coursela ada, but I was thinking it's the same situation kalau I pergi Disneyland and ride a roller coaster

After 2 stops, we took a cable car and lastly the Mount Titlis Rotair.
The Rotair is one of a kind.
It's the world's only rotating gondola, as you are moving up, the entire floor slowly rotates in a circle, giving you a 360 degree view.

When we reached the top called Klein Titlis (3028 meters or 10,020 feet), we were rewarded with an incredible view of the surrounding mountains

 Then I knew this was the mountain they used for at least one Hindustan movie
We also saw a group of kids in wheelchairs at the top
We were glad to see they were having so much fun in the snow

 Then we walked on the snow towards the Ice Flyers

This was the real moment
And you need to have a strong stomach to embrace the height 
We were sitting on the ice flyer and it was so scary but was seriously much much much better than riding a roller coaster because of the breathtaking views.

It was so high, kalau jatuh or slipped memang CONFIRM!!!!

Hubby sempat keluarkan his camera, and I pun sempat lagi tweeting =P
 This was one of the best moments of my life. Seriously!
And until now I still couldn't believe I have the guts to go through the ice flyer because I really can't stand the height

Some of the many photos

After that thrilling experience, we were having fun in the snow
Izz was so happy and ecstatic to make a tiny snowman
He also lied down on the snow and buat gaya snow angel
Izz and I were also trying the snow slides

Aiden??? Kaku! He just stood there and enjoying eating bread
Maybe dia still terkejut naik ice flyer.

Lastly, we went into the glacier grotto / glacier cave.
Man, it was so cold to touch the ice inside!

We were proud to try and play the Malaysia Negaraku national anthem inside the glacier cave but the button was not working
And lastly, muka penat saya and a smile of a thousand words


kaezrin said...

masya allah indahnya ciptaan tuhan...

sbb tuh i sanggup nak simpan duit nak experience this..hopefully one day i will have this chance..

tq for this update...truly inspiring...

jelita78 said...

waaaaaarrrkkk.. giller takutsss mau naik itu ice flyer...
aku pon maybe jadik mcm aiden gak.. terkejut kaku.. hehe

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