Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Swiss Day 5 - Zurich to Geneva

On day 5, we checked out from our hotel and took the train to Geneva.
The Zurich train station is modern and clean.

Inside the train, Izz and Aiden were busy playing games

And I was feeling sad dan terkilan mengenangkan Luxemburgerli yang tertinggal itu

And I only took 1 photo throughout the 2 hours 45 minutes journey

When we arrived in Geneva, mostly all the signs are in French
I was thinking at that time, are we lost in France?
Eventhough Zurich and Geneva are in the same country, (Switzerland)
But most people in Geneva are speaking French,
and in Zurich, they speak German.
We checked in at Intercontinental Geneve and we stayed there for 3 nights

Look, I am not an expert in the interior design, but what's with the big vulu? HAHA
Then when hubby opened the room door, I was VERY impressed!
It is big and it is a JUNIOR SUITE!
Boleh main kejar kejar ok! hihi
So before bilik tunggang terbalik, it's better to take all the pictures first.  

Air mineral yang SEDAP! Serious, this time tak tipu!

The 2nd hotel room I've been with an espresso machine.
Dah tak jakun dah time ni.
In fact saya dah expert guna ni. Chewahhh

The room comes with a few complimentary dark chocs
Dan chocolate ni halal dimakan. YUMS!

View from our Suite - The Pool, The UN and partial Geneva's view

And I saw this letter which is not for hubby
But it's for a Minister

 I was thinking whether they had sent us to the wrong room?
But DH said it's not like every year we will be in Geneva,
so he already paid for the room upgrade.
Syukur Alhamdulillah dapatlah jugak peluang merasa hotel comfortable ala taraf menteri
hahaha sila muntah =P

Then mostly all the shops are closed on Sunday
Lepas tu baru sampai, penat and we don't know where to find halal foods.
Thankfully we had a Malaysian visitor that day
That kindly came to the hotel and sent the Brahims to us
So we had our delicious halal Brahims that day for dinner.
Bila tengok muka budak 2 orang ni kenyang, barulah senang hati nak rilex. =)


nini ismail said...

u look nice n sweet in white & yellow...

the hotel looks SO NICE, n it was super nice of ur DH to upgrade setaraf menteri tuuuu

jelita78 said...

aaaaahhhh bestnyer..
kesian ko.
mmg muka sadih sungguh sebab tinggal Luxemburgerli tu!
fuhhh.. gheti ko baca surat minister tu.. hampeh aku tak paham.

IreneYaya said...

Nini: Baju striking should be mood pun happy2. Tak pasal2 monyok! haha

Aida: Itula, mmg time2 tu jugak Aeka snap. Boleh je faham skit2 Usually kalau duduk Intercontinental mmg dia akan bagi welcoming letter from the hotel Director. So mcm boleh agak ministre, emploi, travail, visite, excellence tu apa. hihihi

kaezrin said...

Nice hotel ok thatis understatement.it was superb..aeka x nak kakak angkat ke, nak belanja i gi swiss...hahahhahahaa gurau babe jgn marah...

Well...i x sbr nk baca next installment...cepattt

KS said...

and thanks to u jugak sebab sanggup angkut itu C all the way from abu dhabi! :) u kenyang (makan brahims), i pon kenyang (dapat C) haha :P

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