Saturday, June 18, 2011

3D - D Daddy's Day

I am lucky to have my Papa. He is always be there for me. The same goes to Izz and Aiden. They have a great dad who is really care and love them unconditionally.Yesterday, we overnight in Dubai to celebrate Father's Day.

We ate dimsum in ping pong

Flowering tea and lychee lemongrass juice. And to my surprise, hubby bought a 47" LED 3D TV!

The 3D is AMAZING. It's like watching a real living things in my living room. We were laughing when seeing Izz and Aiden are trying to touch the fishes.Now everyone is wearing specs when watching the TV.

Next week, we will try to get smaller 3D specs for them because Aiden's nose is too small for the normal specs.Oh technology. I wonder after this what kind of TV that will be there in the future. Reminded me to zaman good old days dulu ada TV besar, black n white, nak cari channel kena pusing button sampai jumpa. =)


jelita78 said...

funny laa aiden!
oh ya, jgn lupa beli extra spec..
maklumlaa nnt sedara mara datang umah, terus tak dapekk tgk tv.. hehe..

IreneYaya said...

Dia mmg bagi with 10 free extra specs!
Free blue ray player,
Flicker free 3D
Dekat Cnet review pun Editor's choice 8.8 / 10
Lepas tu dia boleh convert any 2D muvi jadi 3D.
I can't complain. Dia ada all the reasons to justify his impulse purchase. HAHA!

jelita78 said...

huh aeka ni..
saje je mempergunakan alasan father's day!
banyak lak justification tu.. hahaha..

nini ismail said...

jom la aida, kite pi tido kat umah yaya sampai AD nnt... ade 10 specs tu mmg dah nak tunggu kite jer la tuu

jelita78 said...

menarik tu nini..
bila best time for us to come??
weii.. naik aper ni nini, air asia ke? MAS ke? saudi air ke?

IreneYaya said...

Boleh aje...kita takyah gi cinema, kita tgk 3D kat rumah je k! hihihi.. Nak dtg sini bulan December to March weather best. Nak flight direct naik Etihad or Emirates, k?

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