Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Swiss Day 7 - Lake Leman

Bonjour Mademoiselle! =)
On Day 7, we woke up and went to find the nearest Halal Restaurant.

Along the way, I spotted lavenders! LOVE!
Thanks to KS and Naquiah for recommending this Salsabeel restaurant

The shopkeeper is friendly. 
He said he has a friend in Malaysia, and his name is Mahathir Mohamad. 
It's so proud to know people all over the world recognize our ex-PM

We had our Chicken Beriyani there. YUMS!

Then we stopped at Gare Cornavin and took a bus to Quai du Mont Blanc again.
~Aiden inside the tram~
 Gare Cornavin
~Lots of bikes. No wonder it's hard to find overweight people around here.~

Lake Leman or also known as Lake Geneva is a lake in Switzerland and France.
It's HUGE! So our last day trip in Geneva, we went for a cruise around the lake.

~With my partner in crime holding the umbrella for us~
~The boat is coming~

~A couple of graceful swans~

~All aboard! Aye aye captain!~

The scenery around the lake
~Some houses belong to the politicians and celebrities (whatever)~

~The mermaid statue~

~And we almost slept through this~
The cruise is only around 1hour, the rest of the day we went to the old town again to shop 
(eh, window shopping!)
Knowing we will be going to UK the next day, I was trying my best to refrain myself from buying anything in Geneva, (except the FM, of course!)
Lastly, we went back to the hotel and rest to prepare to travel the next day.
Will continue with our journey in UK tomorrow.

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