Monday, June 13, 2011

Swiss Day 4 - Interlaken

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Continuing to our Swiss travelogue Day 4. 
We took the tour to Jungfraujoch (Top of Europe)
So from Zurich to go to Jungfrau, we need to pass through Interlaken.
The journey is about 2 hours by bus.
At first,we had to go the the tour place behind the bus stand.
We went there by tram. 
It's so easy to go around Zurich by tram because it's very efficient. 

 Sampai kat situ terus naik bus.
The bus is new and it's a double decker bus.
Luckily we arrived there early.
We can sit on the 2nd floor of the bus and at the front to enjoy the views.

Along the way, we were told we are heading to that top.

Once arrived in Interlaken, we were given around 45 minutes to walk around the town or to shop.
Saje je tour operators ni bawak kat tempat shopping

They had quite a lot of selections
And we were also been given with additional discount on top of the discount.
Tapi 45 minutes je nak shopping??? I need MORE time.
So we just bought a few chocolates untuk bekal nanti.

We walked around the place, there is a big casino.
Ooo, then I know the reason dia buat luxury shops kat situ.

Then we went to the nicer place. I love seeing all those flowers.
Very colourful and the scents somehow brighten my mood!

To be continued with our cogwheel train journey to Jungfraujoch


jelita78 said...

tgk gambar pon dah terasa nyamannyaaaa..

emy said...

cantiknyer swiss..hopefully can go there one day, InsyaAllah. i like ur chanel bag..mind sharing the name n err..price hihi.if u dun mind :)

KS said...

swiss mmg cantikkkan?? kalau ada rejeki nak pi other part of swiss plak..

kaezrin said...

Valid ke kalau pegi 30 yrs ago.. :)


but i so wanna be here one day insya allah....

IreneYaya said...

Aida: Mmg BEST!!!

Emy: InsyaAllah. =) It's a Chain Around Messenger Bag. Price dia around RM9k.

KS: Should go to Zurich! Zurich lagi modern dari Geneva and ada luxemburgerli. U should try it! =)

Elin: Yup u also should go here one day. Pengalaman 30 years ago doesn't count! hihihi

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