Monday, June 20, 2011

Swiss Day 4 - Ice Palace, Spinx and Gridelwald

Ampun! Tak habis habis lagi kisah Day 4.
Too much pictures to share up here.
I guess mostly when people is visiting Swiss, they will be going to Interlaken and Jungfraujoch.
So this was our best part when visiting Switzerland.

When we reached the top,
Firstly we went inside the Ice Palace.

We saw a lot of ice scupltures
 The Ice Age!

The Plateau

Lastly we went to the Spinx. Lift dia laju NM to the top!!

Outside the Spinx.
And the air is very thin! We can also touch the clouds.
What an experience!

Thank you so much to our tourist guide, Kid (He is a Thai)
He was a very informative, funny and concerned.
He also helped us to take a lot of pictures.

So I would like to recommend you to engage the H. Meier tour to Jungfrau if you are from Zurich

From Jungfraujoch, we took the train back to Grindelwald.
Grindelwald is a very very beautiful village

I still have the picture in my mind,
With a clear blue sky, the beautiful mountains and the water is so sparkling clear.

They said even the fishes do not have enough foods because the water is so clear.
And the reason it was so clear because the water is coming from the glacier.

Here are some pictures in Grindelwald.

Our pictures when we arrived in Grindelwald train station.

Will be continued with the story of our journey to Geneva.

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KS said...

cantiknyaaaa viewwwwwwwwwwwww.. especially yg nampak kampung2 tu... sayupp je dalam hijau.. cantik!

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