Thursday, June 23, 2011

Swiss Day 6 - Geneva City

For me, Geneva is VERY NICE
It's like a small and uncrowded version of Paris.
But more beautiful in terms of nature and surrounding
and of course lagi bersih.
But Zurich lagi bersih than Geneva.
The people in Geneva is also friendly and they can speak English.

The city is small and laidback, which I like it very much
Suitable for vacation and kids friendly
We took the bus towards Bel-air and arrived here

We saw the National Bank of Abu Dhabi!
And made me feel like I'm home!

Then I saw Loubie's Shop
Sexcited yo!
Masuk kejap bagi reason nak berteduh sebab time tu tengah panas
Their selections not as much as in Dubai, so keluar dengan tangan kosong

Then we stopped at the Ice-cream parlor

And we had our ice-cream while overlooking the Lake Geneva

The water is also very clear and we can see some fishes inside!

The weather and scenery at that time was SUPERB!
Nak je berbikini (kalau boleh!) HAHA

We went back to the the old town and explore some shops

Boucheron - Lots of Swiss made watches in there 
Hubby's inside joke: Bilakah Patik mampu pakai jam Patek NIH!
Harganya memang mahal berdengung dan boleh rumah sebuah!

People is drinking the water directly from here.
of course dia tak tadah muka dia directly kat situ nak minum but they refill the bottle with this water

We were stranded in VICTORINOX for hours but worth IT!
(will write a separate entry for this)
Then we saw a Trolley Bus

As usual, a visit to Chanel and Apple Store is a MUST!

Then we took a bus to Gare Cornavin and found this halal Lebanese restaurant

Portion dia banyak dan kebab dia sedap!

After that we went to the Quai du Mont Blanc. 
And we found another trolley bus

We walked around there while enjoying the scenery

And suddenly Izz screamed,
"Mama, look! It's a rainbow!"
Subhanallah cantiknya
And at that time we were speechless!

Reminded me to the song and this part:
"Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true"

I will always remember that beautiful evening in my entire life. =)


Anonymous said...


jelita78 said...

first things first, aku nak cardigan biru ko tu!!!
citer sket mana dapat? baper hinggit? can u buy for me one?

lepas ni baru aku nak baca balik entry ko ni and bagi comment lain lak.. hahahha.. hampehs toll aku ni kan?

IreneYaya said...

Coco: TQ babe! =)

Aida: Bershka. Dlm RM90. Aku cari semalam, tak jumpa the same colour. Kat pull n bear ada jugak almost the same cardi. Cuba tgk kat P&B msia. Mesti situ pun ada the same stock kot?

KS said...

oh rindu!

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