Thursday, February 18, 2010

Please Don't Underestimate A SAHM

I remember, once I was a very committed student. Since I was 11 I put a big poster in my room,
PMR - 8As
SPM - 9As
The main reason is because I want to go to study in overseas like my twin brothers did. Then when I achieved my target, economy is downturn and I got a scholarship to MMU. My brother said, it's a blessing in disguise coz I was a naive girl, u'll never know what's gonna happen to me overthere. Anyway, after 1 month in MMU, I got an offer by Renong to study in Australia. But I turn down the offer because I remember during the interview for the scholarship, they asked me to take off my tudung if I want the scholarship. (sabar je kan?)

Then what I knew I took Engineering, and my aim is to achieve a good CGPA so that scholarship tak kena kick and I want to work to get my own financial independence. Then time flies so fast, I got my own career, my own salary, 4 years later I quit and be a SAHM. I didn't quit at the first time (just took unpaid leave) but some people said rugi and sayang lah berhenti kerja..unpaid leave pun rugi coz it might slow down my career progress. But I took just because my husband asked me so (to get keredhaan hubby jugak) and part of me wanted to take care of our son. Then after 2 years, I quit for good. 

Don't get me wrong, but deep down in my heart, terkilan jugak (who doesn't?)...I studied hard last2 jadi domestic engineer...nak apply kerja kat sini hubby tak bagi...he prefers me to be a fulltime mother. The part yang sedih when some people (not all) look down at SAHM. Then some people would also say, Oh, she's lucky because her husband provides for everything...well, provide doesn't mean just money...should provide also counts taking care of the family including cooking, washing, yadda yadda. I know some SAHM also got almost the same story and feeling like me.

Sometimes ago I felt mentally challenged by not doing anything plus I hate to depend on him financially bcoz I used to have my own financial I took the effort to create my online business from home. At least, it's something rather than my routine everyday housework. Just...just...scary thoughts if anything happen tu of course ada (knock on wood). But hopefully that is when my education and experience in business will come to my rescue.

Sorrylah, entry harini emo skit because of one incidence happen over here. Please bear with me.


jelita78 said...

oh honey..
kesian u..
hope u feel better soon..
i can't help much because we're in opposite situation whereby i wish to be in your shoes and become SAHM.. hahaha..
i think what matters is for us to just shrug it off, enjoy what we have been blessed with and try to make the best out of it, while we still can!

psst..i love your Diane Loomans quote!

Mrs Taz said...

yaya ,

akak dah merasa jadik SAHM. Berhenti keje sebab FIL suh jaga anak. Seronok jaga anak plus penat sikit wat keje rumah yg tak pernah habis, tapi at the same time ye la kan kita rasa cam tak best plak asyik harap duit orang kasi ... duit kita cari sendiri lain rasanye .. then after dapat anak ke 2 teringin nak keje balik nasib hubby tak kisah and FIL pun tak kisah sangat ..and now , bila dah keje , rasa nak duduk rumah balik nak monitor pelajaran anak², nak free boleh tido baring suka hati kat rumah la ... sabar je la kan? Apa pun semuanye terpulang pada kita .. keje ke tak keje ke ada kebaikan dan keburukannya .. apa pun jangan peduli la apa orang nak kata. Asalkan kita bahgia ... lagipun emo ni datang dan pergi ..nanti dah ok , ok la tu .. be happy k? Teruskan bisnes EJ tu ;P

sisdee said...

i face the same situation.......hard..very hard....

apa kita buat based pd pikiran kita dan pbincangan ngan suami org tak paham n slalu kata...pikir masa depan..ngan family tu bukan masa depan ke???!!!!! sori i emo!!! :(

Sewprettypink said...

oh dear.. what happen to you.. siapa kata SAHM is no good. actually itulah saham akhirat. i wish i could be a SAHM like you but as time goes by, there are priorities in life that we can't live without. therefore we have to forgo some of the wishlist. it's ok as long as your hubby can provide and you are happy being a SAHM just go on with it. just be yourself and enjoy every minute of it baby! your are the chosen ones to be a SAHM, remember that.

kak ina

IreneYaya said...

Aida, Kak Zia, Sisdee & Kak Ina: TQ for the concerns and thoughts, I really appreciate it. =)

naddy said...

i used to get tht kind of remarks also, sbb lepas grad i x keja, in fact ive never work pun n buat business je... but it's our life kan, pelik naper org nak sibuk2 plak.. so cheer up k....

IreneYaya said...

Naddy: Thx dear, will do! I couldn't care less anymore.

Mrs Faizal said...

ishh ishh sape yg beranggapan mcm tu? yaya memang lucky. dari skolah lg yaya mmg brilliant. org2 tu semua jeles tgk life yaya. don't bother. u r truly lucky! ;)

Ms Lola said...

I envy u lah. I nak belajar how to be an SAHM from you. I want to be an SAHM!

IreneYaya said...

Syima: Entahla Syima...macam2 jenis orangkan....kat sini lagilah..macam2 bangsa, lagi macam2 lah perangai =)

Lola: Eh, jgn envy...u pun boleh jadi SAHM...nak kena be very strong and fikiran kena always positipp and mantap... =)

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