Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life is Richer at Bloomingdales!

So here, as promised the pictures of the newly opened Bloomingdales in Dubai Mall!
So if anyone is going to Dubai, buy the designer bags in Bloomingdales ok, because their price is slightly cheaper than the boutiques. =) 

Then we went to the LG floor to get the famous NYC cupcakes! I thought nak makan magnolia cupcakes only during my birthday but hubby bought another black forest cake. So that day mmg my stomach full with benda2 manis ni sampai pening2 ok! 

And...as a present to myself for my 30th birthday, I finally got this...

I finally found the perfect dark grey bag that I wanted and been searching for the right ones for a long long time! YAY!  


naddy said...

the cupcakes looked yummy :) best tu hadiah utk diri sendiri ehehe

sisdee said...

wah sedapnya..suke cupcakes :D

err tu paper bag jek ke..tak nk share dalam :O

Mrs Faizal said...

GUCCI lagi? WOW !! :D

IreneYaya said...

Naddy: hehehe...on the first 3 series day nakla rasa beli and pilih sendiri. =)

Sisdee: Nnt bila dah bukak and rasmi kita letak isi kat dalam tu k? ;)

Syima: Nak beli LV bukan leather and takut nnt tak pakai sgt sebab sayang vanchetta dia, Chanel mcm over sgt price dia. So, Gucci mcm just nice and kewl. *wink*

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