Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Am Proud With HULU

Oh ada orang proud with Hulu?
Hulu Kelang or Hulu Terengganu?


HULU bebs!
Free TV shows...and loads of channels.

When I was working in TM dulu, I work in product development division
Bukan buat telefon laaa =P, but I develop network services, all the process from A-Z
eg: IPVPN, Metro Ethernet, and IPTV is one of TM's products

Have u ever heard of Hypp TV, the IPTV by TM?
So HULU ni macam Hypp TV and is an IPTV, but by Netflix and fully operational in US

So, how nak watch HULU from here or Malaysia?
We use proxy!
And now I can watch all my favourite TV series especially
the latest episodes of Lost, Desperate Housewives and Heroes
and bykkkk lagi....sampai nak pilih pun pening...all from HULU!

Saya sudah potong sama ittew SHOWTIME (mcm ASTRO kat Malaysia)
We are now AED200++ richer - monthly
Thank You HULU! Mwahhhhh! 


sisdee said...

wah!!! besnya!!!

suke tgk semua series u tulis tu esp DHousewives lor!!! hahahahah...

Deloress said...

mcmane nak view hulu-dot-com thru proxy yaya ? tolong ajar sket ;)

IreneYaya said...

sisdee: Movies pun ade...mcm2 channels la. =)

Deloress: Panjang nak explain...tapi nak make it short, u belajar kat sini k?

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