Thursday, January 27, 2011

Say Fish!

On Aiden's birthday we brought him to Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Sort of like Aquaria.

Enjoy the pictures! 

 The Piranha

A tiny seahorse during the incubation period

At the top of the World Largest Acrylic Aquarium Panel (32.88 m wide × 8.3 m high × 750 mm thick and weighing 245,614 kg). We can see over 33,000 marine animals inside the aquarium
Animals in the underwater zoo

Otter / Memerang

I like this fish! Bibir sexy!

Dekat Creepy Crawlies.

Cayman and Species Ikan Pari


Tengok Ular Sawa pun geli, apa lagi anaconda.

Ni species mentadak mentadu, macam mana Aiden tido?

We are posing on the bridge in the jungle that full of creepy crawlies

Then going back to Underwater Zoo,

Nemo and Dory are saying hi to us!

And other spectacular photos that can be used as a wallpaper.
Oh crab, 
Not including these crabs which are sort of doing their project. LOL


Mrs Faizal said...

kids confirm suka tempat ni :)

fara said...

Kenapa naik bot, nak ke mana dalam akuarium ni?

Hi there. Salam kenalan. I'm a new reader ;)

IreneYaya said...

Syima: Yes, confirm suka! Actually mula2 geli and takut, then lama2 excited. =)

Fara: As Salam Fara. Boat tu tak pergi mana. Actually tu glass bottom boat so u can see the marine animals inside the aquarium from the bird's eye view.

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