Friday, January 7, 2011


Papa, Paparazzi...(while singing Lady Gaga's song)
One weekday, hubby YM-ed me and told me he wanted to go to Dubai after work. Semangat! He said he couldn't wait until the weekends to get the telephoto lens for his DSLR. I was like, "ok love, whatever makes u happy." =P So he drove to Dubai with us.

After he acquired the "belalai gajah", he smiled and was excited to start shooting. So all night he was asking me where should we go after this so that he could take photos with the zoom lens. I just said yes, ok after this we could plan something. The next morning he can't wait and took a candid photo of me sending Izz to the school bus from our 16th floor apartment.

I wasn't excited because I am not into photography. Then while he drove, he let me try to take some shots around Abu Dhabi. I was hooked and really enjoyed the telephoto lens. It's fast and sharp. Here are some of the Telephoto Walkabout photos that we took around Abu Dhabi.

After this there would be more "skodeng" photos a'la paparazzi. ;)


Yan said...


just nak kech.. How much does it cost there? Same price here.

Mrs Taz said...

Leh amik gambar puncak Burj Khalifa hehe =D

KS said...

babe, photography mmg syok!!! cuma nak kena rajin belajar la hehe

iandiana said...

syoknye yaya...bolehla lepas ni ambik gambar each development in abu dhabi n dubai hehehe..boleh tak nnti bila central market abu dhabi dah siap yaya tolong ambik gambar hehehe:)

jelita78 said...

makcik mana lak yg heret kotak kotak tu..
mcm busy je..

kaezrin said...

Its a nice pics...n i rs bj u pakai tuh nmpk lawa sgt even nmpk sleeves aja

IreneYaya said...

Yan: Kat KL lagi murah skit, tapi hubby can't wait nak time tu jugak

Kak Zia: hehehe, Yaya ckp sila zoom lubang hidung Izz dulu. Puncak Burj Khalifa just the Antenna kan?

KS: Syok kan, especially if dapat ambil nice photos. =)

Ian: Wokeh, nnt Yaya ambil gambar Central Market tu...tak sabar gak tunggu dia siap, nnt boleh pergi sana just jalan kaki je...hehehe

Aida: kakaka...makcik mana heret kotak kehulu kehilir tu kan?

Elin: hihihi..pattern cotton dia kot cantik, baju kemeja biasa je tu. =P

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