Monday, January 24, 2011

His Effort Untuk Jadi Pembaca Berita

I was clueless and dunno what to blog. So for the past few days I just put up some pictures because it's easier than to write. I've tweeted this before, so maybe I should blog this memories also.

I don't know what his was trying to do but one night he brought us to Ikea. He had his shopping list in hand:

Then we went directly to buy whatever he wanted to buy. My mind at that time was somewhere else, but I tried to stay focus and helped him to decide to replace other items that were in the list but currently out of stock. And the results of the 2 special hours:

And we built the ikea table and chairs together like what we used to do before.

And Voila! Tadaaaaaaa

Our workstation in the living room. Side by side macam pembaca berita, kan?

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nini ismail said...

did i see correctly, pergi ikea and end up with gucci after the 2 special hour?

it is sweet of him to prepare a workstation for the both of u like that la... his and hers gitu...

myjuliana said...

yaya, i love the work station! ni yg rasa cam nak gi ikea gaks ni.. but yg beli hari tu pon dok pasang lagi huhuhu

btw, i met your family member and we chat about you :P do you remember kak era (asmerani)? julie gi rumah dia, ada mtg dgn dia kat ganu.. lawa gile rumah dia, best sgt rasa bleh ada rumah camtuh hihi

IreneYaya said...

Nini: Gucci tu last minute after ikea. LOL sempat tu!

Julie: Julie! Yes Yaya kenal Kak Era. Yup bestkan rumah dia macam style resort house syoknya kan? Drooooollll =)

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