Thursday, January 13, 2011

Around The House

Abu Dhabi life. Credit for hubby whose taking these pictures from our balcony with his Canon Telephoto lens. 
Good job!

New Building in Abu Dhabi (Dusk)

New Building in Abu Dhabi (Night)

15 minutes each

Almost home

Bus stop at night

Morning rest on a bench

Refurbished Capital Garden pond

Capital Garden minaret

Capital Garden playground

Capital Garden's mini Ferrari World

Ears of Abu Dhabi

The Pizza Hut

The place where I buy groceries

The place to buy jewelleries

Horse and carriage at night

Horse and carriage during the day

Keep Pressing

Red Dubai Chevvy

Morning Fog


cc said...

nice shots!

ini machiam mmg blh jd paparazzi! blh dpt bnyk goss ni kalau kat hollywood..keke :p

Yan said...

Nice shots.. SUka tgk playground dia. Colorful..

Yours Truly said...


Aleyn said...

Wooowww...u tinggal kat Abu dhabi ker? How Wonderfulllll

Salam Kenal!!

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