Thursday, November 11, 2010

Now I Don't Need More Chanel Bags

We went to Dubai last time and 
we went into the Chanel boutique
I saw there's a lot of Autumn Winter 2010 collections
But none of it could attract my attentions

Ada yang bentuk lawa,
But the leather nampak cheapo
Ada yang mungkin sesuai with the price,
But the colour combination pulak tak lawa

Then thinking and thinking (rugikan kalau tolak rezeki  =P)
Now I don't need more bags
But I need a big wallet
Coz nowadays, when I send Izz to his bus,
I need to carry his bag, his lunchbox and I actually don't need to carry my handbag
I just need to carry my wallet, handphone and housekeys

And I asked them do they have a wallet that can fit my phone n keys?
So they show me something called
Chanel Wallet on Chain
And it comes with matching ballerina flats
I loike!!!
And I like the fact that it's in patent leather so that easier for me to maintain as a wallet
(sebab I am gonna put this wallet dalam handbag jugak)

See, the wallet has a big space so it can fit my phone n keys n more space for tissues or lipstic
And it also has a back pocket where I can slit something for easy access

And I also can use it in 3 different ways:
As a clutch or wallet that u can carry it around
As a wristlet or a small dinner bag (just take out the chain and use it as double chain)

As a crossbody bag /casual bag that u can use when running errands

I love these to bits!!! =)


I.Q.W.A said...

lucky u kak!!!

Mrs Faizal said...

yaya beli chanel mcm beli ikan kat pasar je. hehhee. anyway mmg cantiks! lucky you.. :D

nini ismail said...

u dont need more chanel bags but u need more chanel wallets? kih kih kih

btw... cantik! sukerrrr

Emy Ahmad said...


Sue said...

cantik... ye, yaya beli chanel bags mcm beli ikan kt pasar.. bertuah sungguh! btw, how much eyh? i kalau kuar pun suke bw wallet, hp, n carkeys je... kalau ada wallet camni yg affordable, bole la gak beli.. hehehe

Yours Truly said...

So gorgeous!!!! Nakkkkkk!!!! Lucky you babe!

IreneYaya said...

Iqwa: Alhamdulillah. Iqwa pun lucky jugak. =)

Shima: Isk takdela mcm beli ikan...hihihi. TQ Shima.

Nini: Hello, I don't have a chanel wallet before. But bila u ckp camtu mcm nnt mesti terasa there's a need in black patent pulak. hihi JK!! =P

Emy: Thanks Emy. =)

Sue: Yes, sometimes malas nak carry byk2 kalau setakat pergi tempat dekat sini je. TQ Sue.

MaMa3H said...

wow...chanteknya.....jeles nie...:)

Anonymous said...

Marveless beb. wow wow wow.. :)

IreneYaya said...

Kak Noreen: =) TQ dear.

MaMa3H: TQ ala, jgn gitu. ;) *guilty as charged*

Nong: tq tq tq. =)

CiKaYu said...

cantiknyeee...match with the ballerina...mmg sangat2 berbaloi..

jelita78 said...

cun siots!!!
i loikeeee!!!
sgt perfect for mommy-on-the-go..
and i love the flats too!!

KS said...

babe i want that red patent ballerina too tapi takde size okehhhhhh!! jeleshhhhhh!!
nice combo!! love love loveee

Lemon said...

that chanel wallet is super nice.. takde kaler lain ke? how much ya?

yanie said...

babe, sorry lama x jengah ur blog, ,INFACT i pun lembaps updating mine. feeeeeeewwwwwwiiiiitttttttttt!!! cantik tu. pinjam bole??? ;) nice nice, hopefully xde la org pengsan kan kan :))

lil sharky said...

wow...really pretty, confirm mahal kan? I don't know if they hv it in msia yet. but I like!!

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