Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back With A New Air

As much as I don't need it, hubby created a few scenarios that I need to have it. The whole day yesterday he was seducing me to get the new Air. I guess other people who have the same gadget junkie husband would understand how my situation is. Anyway, I am happy to see he is happy that I am happy using this lappy =) True that one part it might be useful for me because I can carry it anywhere inside my handbag

I wish I could blog more about Raya Korban. But sadly there's nothing to blog about. It's just that for Raya Haji, the school is close for a week. Hubby also cuti, but he needs to prepare for his new project in Doha next week. Raya over here is one day earlier than Malaysia and I cooked Kabsa rice for raya

I miss to watch the acara sembelih lembu dekat Kampung Losong and I miss my parents' cooking. 
Usually during raya korban, they will cook my favourite daging goreng kunyit. And i just received a news that my neighbour which I knew since I was small has died this morning. Inna Lillah wa Inna Ilayhi Raji'oon. It makes me realize that life is short, and I don't want to spend a lot of time thinking what other people thinks. Whatever it takes to make me and family happy, that's good enough right?


jelita78 said...

i am green..
not for the mac air..
but for the chanel..
boleh tak jangan amik gambar dengan chanel merah tote tu??
saaaaakiiiittttnnnyaaaa jantunggg akuuuuu... tulunnnn.. tulunnnnn.. semput nafas makcik!

Anonymous said...

Salaam sis. mabrok on your new mba 11" to be exact:P

since you have both, i would like your opinion on mba vs ipad. i know now ipad doesnt dont multitasking and not supporting flash (wait for iso4.2)

do you prefer mba to ipad now? nak tanya pendapat as i wanted to get an ipad. I feel i dont need another laptop nor netbook. I do a bit of blogging and I wanted ipad mainly for e-magazine/reading purpose.

looking forward to hear on your review.

IreneYaya said...

Aida: I know one place that is still selling the bag like mine. If u want to get it LMK k? ;)

runninghijabi: Salam, I'm sorry I didn't get your name. TQ for dropping by and I love to read your blog. =)

iPad will be able to multitask in the upcoming iOS version 4.2; to be released very soon.

As a pure reading and media consumption device, iPad is great. The major drawbacks are:
1. No file/attachment uploading when blogging.
2. No access to videos that use Adobe Flash as the player.

With the introduction of MacBook Air 2010, Apple has introduced the following major changes:
1. MacBook Air 11.6 inch, which is exactly the size of a Letter/A4 sized paper.
2. Instant on, instant hibernate, just like an iPad. If you close the lid, the MBA will stay in standby up to 30 days.
3. Up to 5 hours battery life on MBA 11.6" and up to 7 hours battery life on MBA 13.3".
4. Coming real soon, Apple will introduce a "Mac App Store" which will be a version of the iPhone/iPad App Store which will result in more apps for the Mac.

So, for a better experience in reading and blogging, I would suggest for you to go for the MacBook Air 11.6" with 64GB /128GB SSD. iPad is good for pure reading and Media consumption ONLY.

Anonymous said...

Salaam.. thank you for the very comprehensive info on the gadgets. Kena fikir habis2 ni :)

I'm a newbie on blogging. BTW we had 'borak2' before; on LV, doubt if you could remember me. hehee

KS said...


mana jual beg merah tu? habaq maiii :P

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