Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How To Tackle A Girl With A Plasma Car

Plasma Car?
I don't know what the heck is this
But one day we went out for shopping in the mall
As usual, we will split.

Boys usually want to follow their dad
There's a lot of reasons for that 
(I don't need to explain k)
After they had finished their shopping,
Then hubby brought Izz to me with this Plasma Car

He told me, there's a few colours available, and Izz is choosing the red colour
He was happy driving around the mall with his plasma car

And until we went to the park one evening,
There's a girl came to him and tell him
"Hey, I got one too the same car like yours but in pink"
Izz was just smiling and buat gaya malu2 meow LOL
They were so cute playing together and I decided to take their pictures 

Cute kan? =)


JeM said...


Sue said...


yaya, ada dpt email i tak pasal tudung tu? last week @ last 2 weeks kot i bagi tp u tak reply lagi

Erna said...

U naik tak? cuba try naik best tau!!! i naik my anak buah punya hahaha mmg takmo turun :P mcm best pusing2 kasik gerak

jelita78 said...

oitss.. ni plasma car ni, kayuh ngan kaki sendiri ke?
sorry laa, i blurr kejap..

erna, ko biar betul boley naik ni.. adult? sure?

IreneYaya said...

Kak Jem: TQ. =)

Sue: yaya rasa yaya ada reply kat Sue, sue dpt tak?

Erna: U naik yg besar ni ke? I x try takut pecah dahla I ni berat nnt izz ckp mama farnee. hihi

Aida: Dia bukan kayuh dgn kaki, just guna the steering wheel pusing2

Erna said...

yes!! i've tried! mmg bleh naik!!! cuba la...
best woooo! dia standard size je. goyang2 steering tu nak kasik gerak. Of course kita naik kena goyang lebeh sket hahaha

HaslinaFirdaus said...

Yang ni mak budak pun suka....
memang best....
cubalah naik...

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