Friday, November 12, 2010

Mai Peyek Shik

Since Izz started his school, my life has becoming a routine. I woke up at 5am with a purpose to prepare him to school. And I actually like it. I am also lucky that Izz had no problems with his school and transportation. He is just doing fine and I am quite amazed to see how he is catching up with learning.

My life also a bit "teratur" now. I have a plenty of ME time. I am closer to Aiden and can't stop laughing at his antics everyday. I realize that I used to spend a lot of my time together with Izz, but not with Aiden. I am happy that we can spend a lot of time together now. =)

He is a cheeky boy, cute, and never stop jumping. He also wants us to treat him like a big boy. I can't stop making him to call himself as "Izz". When meeting other people around, he will tell people that "Ayem Izz". (I am Izz) When I told him, no, you are Aiden. He will fix it himself "E-deng".
He is also a bully. He loves to start a fight or wrestling with his brother, Izz. Then when he had Izz, he hits him then runs to me, "Mama, yay I did it! I did it!" hahaha
He talks a lot and here some funny stuff how he pronounce the word:
Mama, am tayok = I'm tired
Sordgeng = Sword Game
Ti Fam = Thomas & Friends
Nananana = Banana
Fens in me = referring to Toy story you've got a friend in me

Peyek Shik = cuba teka???
And here is the video we took when we were in Terengganu last time and we discovered how he prounounce the word iPad.


I.Q.W.A said...

akak!! comelnye.. cam org thailand da bunyinye.. hehehe

Emy Ahmad said...

lawak sangat 18kali gelak berturut turut, lepas ni akak record suh die buat story telling ke ape2 je nak dengar die cakap -___-

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