Monday, November 15, 2010

The Day When I Feel Green

Sometimes I feel red when I'm mad
Sometimes I feel blue when I'm sad
But most of the time I feel green with envy at hubby when he bought things just like that.

I don't feel green if it's just a few clothes or u have planned the purchase ( macam dah target nak pergi beli, buat research dulu, fikir 2-3 malam, dah budget semua n discuss ) then okla. This time I guess tarikan benda ni terlampau kuat bagi dia....and since this gonna be one of the tools to enhance his skills and career, maybe he thinks at that time, why not I just get it?

So do u want to know what is it?

Man, i am crazy jealous because this awek is so light n thin and sleek! Plus with the solid state drive everything running on the computer is very fast!!! Booting is just about 14 seconds, battery also last longer and it's like u are carrying an A4 paper. Saya lagi tak tahan when I see him smiling the whole day with satisfaction!

Steve Jobs, please don't torture me with your new inventions again. I've had enough with your Macbook, iPad n IP4.

Sometimes I am thinking I want to be like him but how??? Saya cuma kerja tanam anggur so Izz, Aiden nnt dah kerja beli satu MacBook Air for mama k? hahahaha kidding! =P

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kaezrin said...

i bet nnt en suami mesti belikan utk u nyer...

nini ismail said...

wow... such a powerful machine! surely comes with handsome price...

IreneYaya said...

Kaezrin: Dia offer tapi I setakat kerja tanam anggur tak perlu kot ber "Air" tu coz iPad ringan n mobile jgk. hahahaha Unless if dpt harga cheaper mcm kat US I tempting mcm naklah kot. =P

Nini: This time it is reasonably priced compared to the first Macbook Air yg keluar dulu. But for sure mmg powerful n best kudos to Steve Jobs!!!

jelita78 said...

yer, saya paham perasan anda..
sangat lah paham..
SEBIJIKKKKK mcm laki akuuu!!!
depa beli gadget macam tukar baju jeeee.. eeeeee... geramnyaaaaa....geram geram gerammmm..
(jeles gak sebenarnya!)

oitsss.. irene, laki ko kalu nak jual ipad tu, passing kat aku bley? hehehe.. dia dah ada air tu, mesti tak pandang ipad tu.. bley aku ngan nini poyo ipad kat farouk kat opis ni.. kan nini kan? heheh..

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