Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thirty Three

DH reached 33 yesterday. There's a Thirty-Three song by Smashing Pumpkins, but it's a sad song. Opposite to DH's 33 song, it's a happy ones. We all cheered and sang him a Happy Birthday together. I was busy in the kitchen, and Izz was busy wrapping gifts for Papa and he also wrote him a card. Aiden was busy jadi tukang sibuk. DH was trying to ask Izz, what's inside the wrapper and he innocently told him "It's Jelly Beans, Papa!" Tak boleh simpan rahsia punya budak! hihi. Happy birthday abang, we love you so much!!!
~Birthday present for papa from Izz & Aiden~
~Izz is writing a birthday card for papa~

~Special birthday lunch for DH menandakan kesyukuran. Pulut kuning & rendang daging.~

~Pavlova in progress~

~Pavlova siap! Budak2 cepat nyanyi!~

~It's time to open presents~

~His fav dark chocolates~


1 comment:

jelita78 said...

hepi bday aeka!

thats superrr sweet prezen u got there.. dark chocolate and jelly beans.. warrrkkk i want!!

izz! aunt aida nak jugak, bley??

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