Friday, December 9, 2011

Ski Dubai

The 3rd day in Dubai, we went to the Ski Dubai. The kids were all excited to enter the Ski Dubai. For almost 6 years staying in Abu Dhabi, we've never been to Ski Dubai. There's an age limitation for the kids, where no kids below 3 years old can enter the SD. Now Aiden dah 3 years +, saya pulak terpregnant, memang takde harapan lagi for them. But since their cousins are here, memang rezeki my kids dapat main snow again, and this time with more excitement at SD. 

~Group picture at the Ski Dubai entrance~

~Izz and Aiden at Jungfraujoch for the second time! hehe konon lah~

~We were very excited to see the Mountain Thriller and Giant Ball Ride. My niece and nephew were going for it!~

 ~Tempat pickup baju, boots & Ski~

~Bila dah pakai snow suit and boots. Cute macam nak pergi ke bulan!~

~With their cousin X-man. Nama Asymaan, but anak2 saya kan mat salleh celup, speaking London dengan slang, Asymaan jadi X-man, Harris jadi Harry. Haha~

~Aiden dengan muka popeye. Seronok tengok the kids excited, kita pun sama2 naik excited. My kids' laughter is music to my ears. =)~

~Now bila pakai helmet macam nak pergi racing pulak~

~Our skiers!~
~We were very excited to see them playing from the outside of the glass window. DH took a video when they slide with the tyres. Will post the video later~

~Budak2 main ski, mak budak dan bapak budak lepak2 makan ice cream. After 4 hours inside SD with temperature -ve4 degrees and dah naik semua rides, the kids keluar and we bought the snow globe with their picca as a souvenir~

~My sis meroyan shopping sampai kedai dah tutup pun still takmo keluar! HAHA~

That night the kids are all exhausted and they went back to the hotel with their dad. My sis, my niece and I went to watch midnight movie, Breaking Yawn. At 2am we walked back to the hotel.

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