Friday, December 9, 2011

My Sista is Here!

My sister and her family are here since last Friday. She brought me the keropok lekor, karipap segera, murtabak raja segera (thanks Azah for your help!), stock keropok keping...semuanya marvelous! My sister is very dear to me. Our age difference is about 11 years, and this is her second trip to visit us in Abu Dhabi. The last 4 days, we were in Dubai. Here are some of the pictures when we are in Dubai.

 ~Heaven ok dapat makan keropok lekor dekat Abu Dhabi~

~We've rented 2 suites for 3 nights in Holiday Inn Dubai. Ni activity the kids when we are in the room~

~In Dubai Mall bawak my sis & family trying steak kat Texas Roadhouse. Yums!~

~Near Burj Khalifa at night~

 ~Hermes in Dubai Mall on how they made~

~At the rooftop swimming pool~

~Views from the rooftop pool~

~Views from our lunching table~

Since I was a little bit bit busy entertaining, I don't have their pictures in my phone at the Atlantis, Burj Al Arab and Dubai Outlet Mall. Too busy and excited to be with my sister & her family, I guess. =)

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