Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ferrari World With Kakak & Family

Second time in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. This time we went with Kakak and her family. The more the merrier, right? It was really fun indeed, especially pergi together with the kids. I wish I could join them to ride the World's Fastest Roller-coaster! But seeing them having fun was just enough for now. =) There are loads of pictures that I would love to share here.

~Outside the Ferrari World building~

~Ecstatic faces at the entrance~

~Exploring the miniature of Italy with FERRARI!!!~
~Aiden will ride the Ferrari with Kak G~

~Our turn with RED Fewawi!~

~Having a great moment with DH!~

~Izz is driving the F1. Horey!~

~Kiddy version, Izz ckp tak challenging sangat~

~Take a wild guest, what is this? It's a big carousel which has a lot of Ferraris inside~

Then we all masuk dalam a few 4D rides. Tak dapat ambil gambar bcoz it's dark inside.
Then lunchtime at the Pitt Stop.

TBC tomorrow with their adventures at the World's Fastest Roller-coaster.

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