Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When in Rome - Day 7

Day 7, we hop on hop off another round

Found halal kebab,

And same as the previous day, we stopped at the shopping district.

Was trying to find some shoes for my customers and friends

Aiden belajar mengeja

DH fell in lurve with this Prada bag! 
The leather is very yummy and lightweight.
Finally, he brought this home with us. Yay! =)

He also got the Prada iPad cover & iPhone cover. Also an iPhone cover for me.

The Spanish Steps at night
Naik Spanish Steps terus sampai hotel. =)


jelita78 said...

kali ni nak cakap kat aeka plak...
"baper banyak prada daaaaa"

IreneYaya said...

kah kah kah, kena balik kat dia kan? But memang Prada for Italian market in Rome best gilakkkk!

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