Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Florence to Rome - Day 5

After packing, DH drove slowly to Rome
I remembered the last time when we went to Italy in 2007,
we received 3 speeding tickets 2 month after the trip because DH drove more than the speed limit
Tak pasal2 rugi disitu kan? So we've learned our lesson.

When we arrived at our hotel in Rome, it was raining
We stayed in the Intercontinental Hotel
The hotel's location is very strategic
It is just a stone throw away to the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and yang PALING PENTING,
Via Del Condotti (shopping district in Rome) Haha
So, nak pergi shopping just turun tangga Spanish Steps tu then VOILA!

We stayed in the Intercontinental Rome for 4 nights
The room was nice and comfy

And everyday we woke up to this nice view!

We also received complimentary fruit basket and red wine!
Hmmm let's cheers for our upcoming anniversary DH..haha kidding!
Sorry but not thanks!
The rest of the day we went to send the rented car and we took taxi back to the hotel and rest.
Will continue with our journey in Rome tomorrow.

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