Thursday, November 17, 2011

When in Rome - Day 1

History repeats itself. In 2007, we went to Italy when I was pregnant with 2nd child, and this time when I am pregnant with a 3rd child.

We flew from Abu Dhabi to Milan Malpensa airport with Etihad. Then transit for 1 and a half hours in Milan and took Alitalia plane to Rome Fumicino airport. The plan was going as smooth as silk. From the airport, we rented a car and DH drove the car to our hotel, Crown Plaza St Peter's, which is very near to Vatican City.

~Views from our room~

The weather was great, we were planning to restfor the whole day at the hotel but DH can't wait to get the iPhone 4s. So, lepas makan nasi goreng kampung Brahims and solat, terus keluar towards the Apple store in Rome. The nearest Apple store in Rome is in the shopping mall which is about 50 minutes drive from Rome itself in RomaEst. Since the chauffeur sanggup drive, kita ikut sajalah. Driving in Rome is very challenging because the roads are quite confusing with one way roads, narrow streets and luckily DH has experience driving on the left hand side.

Sampai saje depan Apple store, DH smiled. 
And we were lucky they had stocks for us, if not sia sia saja drive sejam just to get the IP4s. 
We also bought some groceries at the hypermarket and also some toys for the kids and went back to our hotel. Along the way, I feast my eyes with the nightlife in Rome.

At the hotel that night, we were having fun talking to SIRI. =)

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Yan said...

Cantiknya view waktu malam tu..

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