Friday, November 25, 2011

When in Rome - Day 6

It was a nice sunny day
Firstly we walked to the Trevi Fountain

~Budak comot~

~Tourists in smaller version~

Naik hop on hop off bus,
Then stopped at the Termini Train Station to find some Halal foods

Found halal kebab, chicken and rice. They were really nice and satisfying.
Then we took the hop on and hop off bus again.
~Tram in Rome~
~One of the piazzas, not sure the name~
~This is what I meant the narrow street~

~The Vittorio Emmanuelle~

 ~Ruins in Rome. Amazing!~

~This is when Izz shouted, "Mama! The building is like inside Ka-Chow 2!"

~Enjoying his audio tour and bus ride~

Aiden: "Are we still on earth mama?"
Anyway he must be kenyang and bored and sleeping on papa's lap lagi bestkan Aiden?

~The newly found ruins where they believe this was the place Caesar got killed~

~Something to keep him awake~

~St Peters' Basilica~

Then we stopped at the shopping district.

And I found something that I really like in Miu Miu.

Love the red bow!

But I ended up with this one because I've never seen this design anywhere before.
I fall in love with Miu Miu again, YAY!


Mrs Taz said...

suka bow bag tu hehehe ;)

jelita78 said...

bunyi aku jatuh terduduk akibat kelibat miu miu itu

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