Monday, November 21, 2011

When in Florence - Day 4

Early Monday morning, we waited in front of the Vodaphone shop to buy their 3G
So boring2 tunggu Vodaphone bukak, sempatla posing dekat kedai sebelah Vodaphone

Dah dapat 3G, we went to find snacks at the Penny market
This place was nostalgic for us because the last time we came in 2007, we remembered we also went to the same Penny market to buy some fruits and snacks.

We went to the outlet and I was quite unwell when we arrived there.
So DH tanya, "nak balik rest kat bilik ke?"
"No, I think as soon as I masuk kedai I'll get better!"
Yes that was true...masuk kedai je terus hilang sickness...teruk tak?
And plus it was raining, and it would not stopping me to shop!

The boys stayed in the car while I was shopping.
DH cakap, they ate a lot, and after that because the weather was very nice to sleep, they slept in the car together. Time tu I syukur sangat on how they behave.

On the way back, we stopped at Naturasi, a mini market which is very close to our hotel
Tengok2, it's actually a Vegan market.
So I've bought tempe so boleh makan tempe goreng for that night.

To be continued tomorrow.


KS said...

coat orange tu lawaaa!!

cepat update lagii.. hehe

jelita78 said...


Yan said...

MASYALLAHH.bestnya shopping yee..heaven..

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