Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meal Planner

I think I haven't wrote about this. Since it's Ramadhan I think I should.

Remember this post about DH who achieve to score his Mac software (which he coded and I designed *coughing) into Top 10 in US Apps store? 

Well this Ramadhan, I am using this meal planner to plan what I have to cook for iftar. It's really ez pz. Tak payah pening2 kepala nak fikir menu apa nak masak, everything was planned ok? 

Every first of the week, DH will be the first to know what's cookin' for tonite for this week. Let say if he decides to change, I will just add and drop the meal or adjust it to another day. At 5.30pm, I will just execute the plan and cook in the kitchen based on the plan, tak payah nak tanya DH 2-3 kali hari ni dia nak makan apa.

From this meal planner also it will automatically generate the shopping list. So nak beli groceries pun senang sebab dah ada list siap2. 

Now I am in middle of designing a new software. I am hoping that we could find the time to finish up the new software in 2 months time. Wish us luck!


I.Q.W.A said...

canggihnye suami akak .. ;) congrats... n e meal plan is so cute!!

Dania's mummy said...

ok, balik nanti nak g cari app ni. btw, good luck to both of u!

LiLithFaiR said...

bestnyer, ape nama app ni? nak carik laaa

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