Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kid Friendly Louis Vuitton

Wow! It's a nice kids playing room. Guess where is this.

Hint hint

Yes, this lovely room is inside the Louis Vuitton Mall of Emirates Dubai. There are 3 Nintendo Wii consoles in the room. I can leave my kids there and they love to stay in the boutique as long as possible. It's quite unusual. Haha!

The 1st professional picture above was taken from LaModa Dubai. Excerpt from LaModa Dubai:

"The Parisian luxury brand pays tribute to children as its fundamental and defining value by the opening of the first family room in a Louis Vuitton store and a special collaboration with Nadim Karam who will present The Travelling Elephant, an artwork created between the artist and a group of Dubai based international children, produced during a unique and emotional children’s art workshop at DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates. The art piece will be then donated for the benefit of START foundation in the Middle East."

More pictures from LaModa Dubai:

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1 comment:

jelita78 said...

hooooo shiiittt!!
best giller ok!
aci dak kalu org besar yg dok main dalam kids room tu? haha

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