Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fashion Giant Is In Dubai!

Last weekends we went around Dubai Mall and found this unique window display in Bloomingdales.
Very creative kan?
Reminded me to Gulliver's Travel.

Then we went to watch Harry Potter.

and also as I mentioned in the previous entry,
We went to eat at the Red Lobster (again)
This time I tried the Lobster bisque for starter

DH ordered the same menu as last week bcoz he was wondering how to eat the crab?

But #hantuketam like me really donch care
I ordered the crab legs and lobsta!

Luckily they gave me this to speed up the eating process but still DH had to wait for me to finish up the foods for half an hour.
Nasib baik dia jenis yang patient. 

And another picture of ketam, which was for iftar yesterday.
And of course ketam masak lemak lagi fulfilling. =)

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