Friday, August 12, 2011

Fauchon Paris

Last week we went to try the Fauchon Macarons. Some of the flavours are better from Laduree IMHO. They also have some special flavours just for Ramadhan, eg Dates Orange Blossom, Fig, etc. I love the ambiance and we sat there to open DH latest purchase.


Mrs Taz said...

aahhh bestnya dubai/abu dhabi .. teringin nak pergi lagi :P

hanifatyha said...

salam alia..can u give me ur emel?akk tgk alia punye swiss journey.nk tanye sket sebb akk nk pi sana.thanx

jelita78 said...

congrats hubby dapat damier graphite wallet!
LVoe it!

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