Thursday, October 6, 2011

Zoom Zoom

I haven't pass my UAE driving license,
but DH insisted that we need a second car. =)

So friends, if you want to come to Dubai or Abu Dhabi
 I can become your supir and drive you around here. hihi
Charging per hour k! =P
Kidding jelahhh
But wait, I need to pass the driving test first. 
Pray for me k! 
InsyaAllah, amin....


jelita78 said...

oh come on yaya!!
get that license!!
malu kitorang tau..
cepat sket..
nini and i are coming over soon.. hehe

KS said...


aS_c0mei said...

akak,kat sana tak boleh convert lesen eh?kat sini klu pompuan senang dpt lesen.hihi.btw,good luck!!nnt saya singgah abu dhabi,akak bawak jalan2 k?:D

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