Monday, October 10, 2011

Year 1

My Asadil Izz is already in Year 1. He is still 5 years old, but according to British curriculum, dah masuk darjah 1.

Back from Malaysia that day, we sent him to enter the British International School. ( It's actually the same school he went during FS2. The school has changed their uniform for this new term, instead of white shirt, they change to turquoise shirt.

The school also offers kelas mengaji & fardhu ain as extra curriculum. He is also starting to speak Arabic with me, eg yalla yalla (come on, let's go) everytime nak pergi school. Nnt one day kita ajak Che Na dtg sini lagi jadi tutor BM Izz pulak k? Hihi

Belajar rajin-rajin Izz! Mama is so excited to see your development day by day. Next year is gonna be Aiden's turn. I just can't wait!

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KS said...

bestnya school uniform bukan putih!!! tayah susah nak sental.. happy schooling izz :)

aS_c0mei said...

dah besar dah anak bujang.makin ensemmm plak tu...

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