Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nespresso. What Else?

I have a few requests to blog about the Nespresso machine. 
Nespresso is a little bit unique than other espresso machine because you need to use the nespresso capsule instead of using the coffee beans.

Nespresso ni ada banyak jenis capsules.
My favourites are Arpeggio & Roma.
Sometimes, they will come out with limited edition capsules with vanilla and caramel flavours.
Cost capsule kat sini dlm RM2-RM2.50 each.

How easy to use nespresso?
Very2 easy indeed...nak clean pun senang.
But the most important thing, their coffee mmg best.

But I love to drink latte instead of espresso.
So here are the methods:

1. Masukkan capsule

2. Press the latte button

Firstly keluar foam milk

Then the coffee

Lastly tadaaaaa!
(sengaja guna glass so u can see the latte layers)

Nak bersih, just take out compartment yg macam laci & buang used capsules

And here tempat nak refill air

And if you want to make a hot chocolate with this machine, lagi ez pz.

Press the same button, and bila part dia nak grind the coffee, press again so it will stop
Now u only get the nice tall foam milk
Then masukkan 2 tablespoons cadbury drinking chocolate

VOILA! Dah siap boss kecik!

Izz loves it very much!
 ~Model kecik nespresso~

~And yg ni model besar nespresso~
Most eligible bachelor. Pengsan tengok renungan mata dia.
hihi chill k DH! =P

Anyway, FYI I've read a few articles and scientific studies that coffee can prevent breast & prostate cancer. 
It also can help to prevent type 2 diabetes. Wallahualam.


Mrs Taz said...

ooo semudah ABC :) thank u yaya

jelita78 said...

nganga mulut jap

keciknya itu capsule.
satu capsule = satu cup latte ker?

KS said...

ini baru best. the one we had at home payah sebab kena buat manual. nak panaskan susu pon macam kat starbuck tu. bercinta setiap kali anak2 i mintak hot choc. nak basuh pon satu hal.

ok, kena masuk wishlist sekarang! hehe..

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