Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Weather: getting hotter everyday. At 6am sudah cerah and terang-benderang

Resolution: fail! Always fail nak kurus, and I blame my partner for this. But I always try to stay fit (once in a while hahaha) with EA active sports whenever I have the mood ( tu masalah dia, tak pernah consistent )

Kids: getting smarter everyday. Izz is starting his 3rd sem and now going back home at 4pm. School ended at 3pm, sampai rumah almost 4pm. Kesian pulak, and this was the case that happened usually on Sunday (1st day of school everyweek). Balik rumah, sempat buka sebelah kasut saje then terus lies flat on the floor sleeping.

But luckily, he loves going to school. Waking up, mandi, breakfast semua takde problems. Smooth and sailing. No-no morning drama

As for Aiden, this boy cannot stop talking. Mr pot pet pot pet and everyday I have to prepare activities for him. If not he will pot pet pot pet to me the way like adults talk. Actually worst! Because he said he is always right all the time!

Business: planning to enhance more. Good thing now somebody is confident with what I am doing and I have an investor. Yippie!

Foods: mojo nak masak beriya tak datang. Because nanti makan also beriya. So I just cooked simple foods, nothing extraordinary to put up on blog. Just one of those days, rindu with laksa Terengganu kuah lemak and I made this. So simple and easy!

Shopping: always exciting! eventhough it's only "shopping tingkap" ;) Can go broke just by shopping. *sigh* I always ask my mom, how to be frugal like her and she said, don't go out so often. But even you are at home pun bahaya sekarang because of the Internet and ada online shopping kan? hahaha...in that case my business pun bahaya...because whenever I bought new stocks I can't stop gazing at all those beautiful things and feeling like, should I sell or keep??? Seksa I tell you.... =P

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kaezrin said...

Kan kan i totally agree with u...camna nk jd frugal...i skrg in fact da kurang keluar tp duit habis jugak..hahahaha

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