Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let's Paraty!

I need a break from the quilted bag design
It's been quite a while since I keep my feeling on this bag.
Love the shape, love the style, very chic!
Watch this video and pictures and you'll agree with me

and lastly, is it possible to get a piggyback ride when I carry this bag? =P


JeM said...

Irene....ya me loving this bag too!

Nanti kalau ada lagi roger2 ek ;)

Anonymous said...


Boleh masuk wishlist ni.

Akak Ratu said...


yanie said...

m so agree with u. paraty chic n kewl ok! jual cheap2 d big one ;)

cmb said...

looove your taste in bags ;) do drop by and check out our little collection too!


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