Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Life's A Beach

The weekend before my 23nd birthday.
We went to Dubai in Hilton Jumeirah Beach.

~The lobby~
~In the room they love to play in one corner~

~The biggest nespresso machine I've ever seen~

~The pool. Ramai orang!~

~Yeay! This place is very near to the beach!~


~OK boys, you don't want me to cucuk your eyes, so u better close your eyes and walk faster!~

~Beautiful gulf!~

~Camels pun nak bersantai lepak tepi beach.~

~Loving the cold crystal clear water~

~Jumpa budak kiut posing pakai spek terbalik!~

~Happy kiddos, after that everyday ajak pergi main tepi beach. Nnt kita cari rumah tepi lautla k?~

~Mak buyung pun nak posing jugak. =)~


JieJ said...

Salam perkenalan Irene...

Wow..cantiknya tempat ni. Saya suka beach..hehehe

ummi said...

U r only 23? Happy bday!

lapernelle said...

Are you really only 23? How old are your children?
It's a pleasure to read your blog. Great pictures, and cute kids!

julie.yaacob said...

hahaha.. everybody is asking ur age now

happy '23'nd' birthday yaya! may allah bless your life with health & happiness! bila ek due? nak bersalin kat malaysia ker sana? julie due mid june.. sorry tak dapat jumpa masa wedding abg yaya, ada hal time tu..

btw, tak nampak pon ke'buyung'an yaya.. jeles ok :P take care

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